2019 Bo Bikes Bama Registration

Important Dates & Times

During the 2019 Bo Bikes Bama ride, we will be enforcing cut-off times for the sake of safety and our volunteer efforts. If you are not able to make one of the cut-off times, you will be taken back to the finish by one of the SAG drivers. Please evaluate your cycling abilities when signing up for the ride and choosing the most appropriate distance.

04/27/2019 @ 7:00am CST
60-mile ride begins Rest Stops
Mile 15 — Cut-off is 9:00am Mile 35 — Cut-off is 11:15am Mile 53 — Cut-off is 1:00pm
04/27/2019 @ 10:00am CST
20-mile ride begins Rest Stops
Mile 10.5 — Cut-off is 11:30am
Dates, locations, and start times are all subject to change.

2019 Registration

Sorry, but registration for the 2019 is not open yet. Registration opens on 01/15/2019 @ 10:00am You are always welcome to make a donation to help support our efforts.

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