2024 Bo Bikes Bama Registration

2024 Registration

Important Dates & Times - 2024

01/24/2024 10:00am CST
Online Registration Opens
04/15/2024 9:00am CST
2024 Bo Bikes Bama Registration Closes
Packets shipped out by this date.
04/26/2024 8:00am CST
2024 VIP Golf Experience
04/26/2024 6:00pm CST
Bo Bikes Bama Kickoff Party
04/27/2024 @ 7:00am CST
60 ride begins Rest Stops
Mile 14 — Cut-off is 8:45am Mile 37.7 — Cut-off is 11:00am Mile 51 — Cut-off is 12:30pm
04/27/2024 @ 9:15am CST
20 ride begins Rest Stop
Mile 10.5 — Cut-off is 11:00am
04/27/2024 @ anytime
Ride From Home ride begins
Important Note:
Any rider who does not start with the group will not be considered part of the ride. Our law enforcement officers, course marshals and SAG drivers must support those riders who begin with the group and will not be available to support those who start late. In the same fashion, any rider who intentionally goes off course for any reason is no longer considered part of the ride.
Dates, locations, and start times are all subject to change.