As always, the most important goal of Bo Bikes Bama is keeping everyone safe on the road. As a rider, there are certain things we ask of you in order to achieve this goal, especially in 2021 when you will be riding on your own.

  • CHOOSING YOUR ROUTE | When deciding on the route you will ride for Bo Bikes Bama from Home be sure to choose roads, bike paths or trails that are suitable for cycling and for your level of skill and fitness.

  • EQUIPMENT | Before the ride, make sure your bike is in good, working order and the brakes and shifters are functioning properly. Check your tires for wear and take it for a test ride at least a few days before heading out on your Bo Bikes Bama from Home ride. Your local bike shop is your best resource for making sure your steed is good to go.

  • HELMET | We ask that all Bo Bikes Bama from Home riders wear a helmet at all times when on your bike.

  • OTHER GEAR | Although not required, we recommend wearing gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen to make your ride more comfortable and safe. We strongly advise against the use of headphones or earbuds when riding on the road.

  • NUTRITION & HYDRATION | Since you will not be riding past our famous Bo Bikes Bama Rest Stops this year, it is important that you bring your own hydration and nutrition products along for your ride. Be sure to eat and drink all along the way— don’t wait until you are hungry or thirsty to refuel.

  • LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF | Without the support of our incredible law enforcement officials along your route it is even more critical that you watch out for yourself when riding from home. Obey all traffic laws, be aware of traffic and communicate clearly with any other cyclists or pedestrians you may encounter.

  • RIDING DOWNHILL | If your chosen route includes climbing and descending please use extra caution on the downhills. Use both brakes lightly to control your speed as you descend. Remember that your front brake has much more braking power than the rear, so do not use it by itself! If you have to suddenly slow down or stop, transfer more of your weight to the back of the bike.

  • IF IT RAINS | We have our fingers crossed for dry roads and sunny skies everywhere a Bo Bikes Bama rider may be, but if it does rain on the day of your ride, there are a few things you need to remember. Watch out for painted lines on the road (they can be super slick when wet!). Also, don’t lean into turns as much as you might in dry conditions and be aware that stopping will take more time than in dry conditions.

  • BE PREPARED FOR ANY EMERGENCIES | This year you will be riding from home without the usual Bo Bikes Bama sag drivers, rest stop staff and mechanics and emergency management officials on-hand, Therefore, we suggest that you ride with your cell phone, bring plenty of food, water and basic bike repair supplies. We also recommend that you tell a close friend or loved one your intended route before you take off for your ride.