VIP Experience

Take your Bo Bikes Bama experience to the next level with added access and perks.

Looking for an even more personal experience for your Bo Bikes Bama weekend? We’re pleased to offer the VIP Experience featuring a number of exclusive perks.

Details and perks for the 2018 VIP Experience are still being confirmed. Check back soon!

Important Dates & Times

01/18/2018 10:00am CST
Online Registration Opens
01/18/2018 10:00am CST
VIP Experience Online Registration Opens
04/24/2018 12:00pm CST
Online Registration Closes: Riders may still register on-site on 04/28/2018.
04/24/2018 12:00pm CST
VIP Experience Online Registration Closes
04/27/2018 @ 8:30am CST
2018 VIP Experience Ride
2018 Bo Bikes Bama
04/28/2018 @ 7:30am CST
60-mile ride begins Rest Stops
Mile 14 — Cut-off is 9:00am Mile 34 — Cut-off is 11:15am Mile 51.5 — Cut-off is 1:00pm
04/28/2018 @ 10:00am CST
20-mile ride begins Rest Stops
Mile 10.5 — Cut-off is 11:30am
Dates, locations, and start times are all subject to change.