It all starts with a legend.

Five hundred miles away from his home state, Bo Jackson watched in shock as a series of devastating tornadoes ripped through Alabama on April 27, 2011, claiming hundreds of lives and destroying countless homes. While many sat powerless to help, Bo knew he wanted to do something special for the people back home—and that’s where the Bo Bikes Bama story began.

The reason for this ride is for state unity and to pay homage to the great Alabamians who lost their lives on April 27th, 2011. I am my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper. - Bo Jackson

On the first anniversary of the storms, Bo embarked on a five-day journey across the state of Alabama, visiting many of the towns ravaged by the tornadoes. Joined by celebrity friends like Scottie Pippin, Ken Griffey, Jr., Picabo Street, and Al Joyner, Bo impacted the lives of countless Alabamians who rode with him and cheered for him along the way. Bo Bikes Bama became an annual event in April 2013, when Bo returned to Alabama for a one-day ride in Cordova, Alabama, one of the hardest hit cities of the 2011 outbreak.

Each year, Bo hopes to inspire Alabamians and people across the country to lend their neighbors a helping hand. Money raised by Bo Bikes Bama goes to support the Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, which provides funds for natural disaster relief and the construction of community safe rooms and warning sirens across the state.

Bo Bikes Bama by the numbers

Bo Bikes Bama supports the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund (GERF), which was established immediately following the April 27, 2011 tornadoes. The fund helps Alabamians who have exhausted all other avenues of disaster relief provided by insurance, government funding and relief organizations. It also finances the construction of community safe rooms and warning sirens.

$115,950 raised in 2020

Over $2.1M Raised

Money raised supports the Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, which has repaired 600 homes and built 68 community storm shelters.

Over 300k Miles

Participants range from Olympians to novices, uniting despite their experience levels to help the people of Alabama.

Riders from 31+ states

The ride has grown to annually attract well over 1,000 cyclists each year from across the country and riders have traveled from as far as England to be a part of Bo Bikes Bama.


Funds Spent on Repairs


Homes repaired/served


Average cost of repair/service


Total funds spent on safe rooms


Number of safe rooms constructed


Number of sheltered individuals


Average cost per person


Number of emergency warning sirens installed


Funds spent on public hazard debris removal

These numbers were updated December 2020

Thank you to our generous sponsors

Our sponsors are an integral part of Bo Bikes Bama’s success in supporting the Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund each year. Take a look at who keeps us riding for the cause.

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In memory of the lives lost on April 27, 2011

Bibb County
Ricky Paul Smith, 55, Brent
Calhoun County
Ruby Douthitt, 61, Ohatchee
Michael Thomas Forrest, 54, Ohatchee
Tina Marie Forrest, 50, Ohatchee
Francis Arvella Jones, 72, Ohatchee
William Limpscomb, 67, Wellington
Linda Sue Limpscomb, 63, Wellington
Vernon Spencer Motes, 33, Webster’s Chapel
James Romaine, 65, Ohatchee
Angel Marie May Stillwell, 13, Piedmont
Cullman County
Lloyd Winford Harris, 68, Cullman
Keenan Jonathan Sullivan, 20, Johnson Crossing
DeKalb County
Chelsie Black,20, Higdon
Charlotte Bludsworth, 36, Sylvania
Belinda Boatner, 67, Higdon
Gene Bullock, 65, Rainsville
Marcella Wells Bullock, 64, Rainsville
Jewell Ewing, 73, Higdon
Emma Ferguson, 6, Henagar-Sylvania
Jeremy Ferguson, 34, Henagar-Sylvania
Tawnya Ferguson, 32, Henagar-Sylvania
Hannah Goins, 3, Rainsville
Kenneth Graham, 56, Valley Head
Linda Graham, 62, Valley Head
Violet Hairston, 90, Fort Payne
Patricia Harcrow, 75, Rainsville
Harold Harcrow, 74, Rainsville
Jody Holliday Huizenga, 28, Sylvania
Lethel Izell, 86, Rainsville
Jimmy Michael Kilgore, 48, Sylvania
Courtney Jo McGaha, 15, Fort Payne
William Michaels, 70, Higdon
Martha Michaels, 72, Higdon
Eulah Miller, Moore’s Crossroads
Ida Jessie Ott, 87, Henagar
Timothy Ott, 53, Henagar
Esther Rosson, 81, Rainsville
Peggy L. Wanda Sparks, 55, Rainsville
Terry Tinker, 50, Higdon
William Daniel Vermillion, 42, Fort Payne
Jilda Jo Bergeron Vermillion, 44, Fort Payne
Hubert Wooten, 70, Rainsville
Juanita Wooten, 70, Rainsville
Judith White, 63, Flat Rock
Wayne White, 68, Flat Rock
Elmore County
Candice Hope Abernathy, 23, Eclectic area
Kammie June Abernathy, 5, Eclectic area
Mary Alice Lee, 74, Lake Martin
Martha Ann Gray Myers, 67, Eclectic area
Melissa Ann “Missy” Myers Gantt, 43, Eclectic area
Rebecca Lee Woodall, 70, Lake Martin
Fayette County
Jeffrey W. Kemp, 60, Berry
Reba Kemp, 60, Berry
Leon Spruell, 76, Berry
Sylvia Spruell, 69, Berry
Franklin County
Donna Renee Berry, 52, Double Springs
Nila Jo Black, 68, Phil Campbell
Zan Reese Black, 46, Phil Campbell
Jeffrey Dewight Cotham, 35, Phil Campbell
Jack Cox, 78, Phil Campbell
Charlene Crochet, 41, Russellville
Donnie Gentry, 63, Phil Campbell
Patricia Gentry, 50, Phil Campbell
Donald R. Heaps, 49, Russellville
Lester W. Hood, 81, Phil Campbell
James Robert Keller Jr., 33, Phil Campbell
Ricky Ethan Knox, 10, Phil Campbell
Amy LeClere, 33, Phil Campbell
Jay W. LeClere, 45, Phil Campbell
Dagmar Leyden, 56, Russellville
Edgar Mojica, 10, Russellville
Claudia I. Mojica, 38, Phil Campbell
Kelli Thorn Morgan, 24, Russellville
Mike Morgan, 32, Russellville
Edna Lucille Bradley Nix, 89, Phil Campbell
Martha Lou Nix Pace, 64, Phil Campbell
Georgia Schribner, 83, Phil Campbell
Jack E. Tenhaeff, 67, Russellville
Sonya Collette Trapp, 48, Phil Campbell
Carroll Dean “C.D.” Waller, 76, Phil Campbell
Gerri Waller, 64, Phil Campbell
Hale County
Cora L. Brown, 68, Greensboro
Gerald C. Brown, 70, Greensboro
Jerry Lee Hodge, 64, Sawyerville
Henry Lewis, 26, Sawyerville
Frankie Lunsford, 55, Sawyerville
Elizabeth C. White, 25, Sawyerville
Jackson County
Kathy Gray Haney, 46, Pisgah
Herbert Satterfield, 91, Pisgah
Ann Satterfield, 81, Pisgah
Janie Shannon, 80, Higdon originally from Chickamauga, Ga.
Shelba Jean Shannon, 58, Flat Rock
Katherine Elease Whited, 76, Flat Rock
John Whited, 77, Flat Rock
Branen Warren, 13, Bridgeport
Jefferson County
Milton Edward Baker, 68, Cahaba Heights
Bessie Brewster, 72, Pratt City
Iva Mae Cantrell, 73, Pleasant Grove
James Jerry Clements, 66, Pleasant Grove
Cheryl Denise Cooper, 47, Pleasant Grove
Canatha Hyde Earley, 71, Pleasant Grove
Mae Bell Garner, 87, Kimberly
Janet Dickinson Hall, 55, Concord
Reba Jane Jones, 76, Pleasant Grove
Jennifer Leonard Jones, 26, Concord
Michelle Kreider, 30, Concord
Michael David Kreider, 10, Concord
Haley Alexis Kreider, 8, Concord
Carrie Grier Lowe, 26, Pleasant Grove
Ernest C. Mundi, Jr., 53, Concord
Kenneth Ray Nation, 64, Forestdale
Deniece Kemp Presely, 57, Birmingham
Louella Polarie Thompson, 81, Pleasant Grove
Tracy Traweek, 39, Pleasant Grove
Nancy Lynn Wilson, 56, Pleasant Grove
Ramona Sanders-Walker, 47, Pleasant Grove
Lawrence County
Matthew Adams, 21, Moulton
Earl Lewis Crosby Sr., 63, Mount Hope
Mike Daworld Dunn, 58, Moulton
Aurelia Guzman, 12, Moulton
Zora Lee Jones Hale, 80, Hillsboro
Lyndon Lee Doby Mayes, 74, Langtown
Mary C. Mayes, 76, Langtown
J.W. Parker, 78, Mount Hope
Donald “Duck” Ray, 73, Chaleybeate
Horace Grady Smith, 83, Moulton
Helen Smith, 84, Mount Hope
Allen O’Neal Terry, 49, Moulton
Herman O’Neal Terry, 80, Moulton
Edward Vuknic, 66, Chaleybeate
Limestone County
Carol Jan McElyea, 67, Athens
Janice Dorothy Peden Riddle, 54, Tanner
Roger Glen Riddle, 55, Tanner
Shannon Gail Sampson, 39, Madison
Madison County
Gregory John Braden, 58,Toney
Katie Cornwell, 15, Harvest
Harold Fitzgerald, 65, Harvest
Milinia Nicole Hammonds, 32, Harvest
Ronnie McGaha, 40, Harvest
Bobby Joe Moore, 61, Harvest
Philomena Muotoe, 79, Toney
Frederick Post, 72, Harvest
Rachel Renee Tabor, 37, Harvest
Marion County
Rodney Gene Ables, 51, Hamilton
Bridget Barnwell Brisbois, 34, Hackleburg
Michelle Brown, 43, Hamilton
Robbie Cox, 68, Hackleburg
Tina Donais, 36, Hackleburg
Chris Dunn, 32, Hackleburg
Charles Tommy Garner, 75, Hackleburg
Mae Garner, 79, Hackleburg
Ed Hall, 53, Hackleburg
Teresa Gay Hall, 50, Hackleburg
Tammy Johnson, 54, Hamilton
Donna Lee “Leah” Jokela, 77, Hackleburg
Kaarlo Jokela, 76, Hackleburg
Linda Faye Knight, 57, Phil Campbell
Freddie Lollie, 81, Hackleburg
Vickey Lollie, 55, Hackleburg
John Lynch, Hackleburg
Cledis Inez McCarley, Hackleburg
Vicky McKee, 47, Hackleburg
Faye O’Kelley, Hackleburg
Jacob Ralph Ray, 5, Hamilton
Virginia Jenny Ann Revis, 53, Hamilton
Ken Vaughn, 24, Hackleburg
Allan Mark Wideman, 49, Hamilton
Jeanette Cochran Wideman, 52, Hamilton
Marshall County
Ann Hallmark, 54, Arab
Jayden Hallmark, 17 months, Arab
Jennifer Hallmark, 31, Arab
Phillip Hallmark, 56, Arab
Shane Hallmark, 37, Arab
St. Clair County
Oberia Layon Ashley, 86, Ragland
Precious Necale Fegans-Hartley, 27, Pell City
Leah Brianne Isbell, 7, Ashville
Ronnie Eugene Isbell, 56, Ashville
Tammy Bonita Isbell, 32, Ashville
Bertha Smith Kage, 91, Shoal Creek
Thomas Carl Lee, 64, Ashville
Stella Mae Lovell, 97, Springville
Gayle McCrory, 56, Odenville
Sandra C. Pledger, 68, Leeds
Albert Luther Sanders, 44, Ashville
Angela Lynn Sanders, 43, Ashville
Charlie Andrew Wolfe, 68, Ashville
Nettie Ruth Wolfe, 68, Ashville
Tallapoosa County
Katherine Blanche Massa, 70, Dadeville
Tuscaloosa County
Minnie Acklin, 73, Tuscaloosa
Jeffrey Artis, 51, Tuscaloosa
Scott Atterton, 23, UA student from Bryant
Jennifer V. Bayode, 35, Tuscaloosa
Caiden Blair, 2 months
Michael Bowers, 3, Tuscaloosa
Loryn Alexandria Brown, 21, died Tuscaloosa, from Wetumpka
Mary Bryant, 43, Tuscaloosa
Hugh Graham Davie, 55, Tuscaloosa
Ta’ Christianna Dixon, 8 months, Tuscaloosa
Danielle Downs, 24, Tuscaloosa
Arielle Edwards, 22, Tuscaloosa
MaKayla S. Edwards, 5, Tuscaloosa
Melgium Farley, 58, Tuscaloosa
Cedria Harris, 8, Tuscaloosa
Keshun Harris, 5, Tuscaloosa
Ashley Harrison, 22, UA student from Dallas, Texas
ShenaHutchins, 26, Tuscaloosa/Rosedale
Carolyn Ann Jackson, 50, Tuscaloosa
Jacqueline Jefferson, 45, Tuscaloosa
Thelma May Bennett Krallman, 89, Tuscaloosa
Tennie Mozelle Lancaster, 95, Tuscaloosa
Davis Lynn Gordo Lathem, 57, Tuscaloosa
Velma T. LeRoy, 64, Tuscaloosa
Dorothy Lewis, 61, Tuscaloosa
Thomas D. Lewis, 66, Tuscaloosa
Yvonne Mayes, 30s, Tuscaloosa
Yvonne Mayes, 30s, Tuscaloosa
Christian A. McNeil, 15 months, Tuscaloosa
William Robert McPherson, 85, Forest Lake
Zyqueria McShan, 2, Tuscaloosa
Melanie Nicole Mixon, 21, UA student from Mulga
Perry Blake Peek, 24, Tuscaloosa
Lola Pitts, 85, Tuscaloosa
Terrilyn Plump, 37, Tuscaloosa
Kevin Rice, 36, Tuscaloosa
Annie Lois Humphries Sayer, 88, Tuscaloosa
Judy Darlene Rheams Sherrill, 62, Brookwood
Morgan Marlene Sigler, 23, UA student from Bryant
Marcus J. Smith, age 21, Tuscaloosa
William Chance Stevens, 22, Tuscaloosa
Justin Leeric Thomas, 15, Tuscaloosa
Patricia Hodo Turner, 55, Tuscaloosa
Willie Lee (Trey) Turner III, 21, Tuscaloosa
Walker County
Kathleen Brown, 64, Oakman
Jonathan Doss, 12, Cordova
Justin Doss, 10, Cordova
Pam Jett, 43, Sipsey
Harold “Junior” Jett, 47, Sipsey
Annette Singleton, 46, Cordova
Wesley L. Starr, 46, Cordova
Jackson Van Horn, 24, Cordova
Lucille Waters, 89, Argo

The below companies are the producing partners of Bo Bikes Bama and generously contribute valuable resources and manpower to make this ride possible each year.

Trek Bicycle is a global leader in the design and manufacture of bicycles and related products. Trek believes the bicycle can be a simple solution to many of the world’s most complex problems, and is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from using bicycles more often for transportation, recreation, and inspiration.

Trek has been a partner of Bo Bikes Bama since its inception in 2012 and continues to support this important ride and the people of Alabama.

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Founded on the idea of making a difference while making a living, Big Communications is an avid advocate for all things Alabama. A proud initial partner of Bo Bikes Bama, Big is a full-service creative communications agency offering public relations, content marketing, interactive, design, media, brand consulting, and creative services. This Birmingham-based company represents clients spanning a multitude of industries from across the nation.

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Trek Travel, a 2022 World’s Best Tour Operator, has been curating extraordinary cycling vacations around the globe for over the past 20 years. Featuring luxury accommodations, award-winning guides, and the best bikes from Trek in the industry – Trek Travel vacations are sure to delight riders of every level. Our team is made up of bike-lovers, fellow travelers, and are extremely passionate about our world-renowned hospitality. Trek Travel has been supporting Bo Bikes Bama since the beginning and we look forward to continuing supporting this amazing cause and the wonderful people of Alabama.

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